This is a beautiful 1950's classic Bates Vergandis that was raced around  the Pontefract area in the 1950's and 1960's. It has an original Frame and Fork that has been upgraded with shimano hubs and a stronglight chainset to make it into a very usable classic. 


E.G. "Eddie" Bates, owned a large cycle shop in Plaistow, which specialized in hand made racing machines. Eddie's son Alan was a very prominent racer for Roamer, winning the "All Rounder" competition for the seasons best time/distance for 50 miles/100 miles/ 12 hours. in 1961 I believe. Other famous names doing guest races in the club's colours included the World champion, Beryl Burton.


Firstly, the frame. E.G.Bates offered several different types, but their top frame was always made from Reynolds 531 tubing with the hand cut "Fleur De Lys" lugs as they were known.  In the late fifties and early sixties, they were the considered to be the very best you could get, far superior to a Hetchins !!!! Being hand built, it was very much like having a suit made, with all angles and measurements tailored to the owners personal details and the type of racing it would be used for. (steeper front angle for track sprinting etc. etc.)


This is an opportunity to own a piece of cycling history.


There is no front changer fitted albeit there are twin chainrings fitted.


These very rare frames are absolutely beautiful and really stand out at any cycle event, it has been used as a commuter by one of clients up until a month ago. An absolute stunner! 

1950's Bates Vegrandis Vintage Race Bike

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