Quick release bicycle mount for GoPro cameras.

The CamOn! adapter introduces a flexible and secure way to attach a GoPro camera to bikes. Only the small MiniBlocs that the adapter connects to need to be installed on the bike. The adapter can be attached in a second and removed equally fast by pressing one of the red buttons, allowing quick switches between different mounting positions. With CamOn! the camera can be panned, tilted and secured in the desired position.

  • Quickly switch between different positions.
  • Easy and extremley sturdy installation using stainless steel strap.
  • Comfortably tilt and secure via wing screw.
  • Compatible with adhesive GoPro plates on helmets or boards.
  • Compatible with battery lights using GoPro connector.
  • Shipped with: CamOn! + 2 MiniBlocs + 1 MiniBloc GP Plate.
  • Pan 360° in 20° steps.

Rixen & Kaul CamOn! Camera Adapter

SKU: AK860.010