100% waterproof protection

Rugged yet lightweight, the Waterproof All Weather MTB Gloves are 100% waterproof and extremely breathable. Designed with MTB in mind, these technical gloves offer the right balance of warmth and breathability making them ideal for rides in the spring or autumn, drizzling days on the bike, or rainy summer rides when you’ll be encountering wet trails and puddles.

There are so many issues that can occur with wet and cold hands including numbness, decreased dexterity and even worse. Sealskinz Waterproof All Weather MTB Gloves will keep you comfortable, dry, and protected on damp and wet days.


Using a unique three layer construction, the Waterproof All Weather MTB Gloves are 100% waterproof and incredibly breathable. This technology creates zero risk for liner movement and allows for outstanding dexterity and grip control.

Pre curved fingers and silicone grippers on the thumb and index finger braking and shifting a breeze while foam pressure pointed padding gives an extra layer of durability and comfort.


Sealskinz has been the leading maker of womens and mens waterproof gloves, socks and hats for over 25 years. Our attention to detail, use of premium materials, and innovative technology allows you to go on adventures no matter what the weather has in store for you.


• 100% waterproof and extremely breathable
• Suitable for a variety of climates, from cool and brisk days to warmer temperatures
• Wears like a single layer glove, not bulky at all
• Pre curved fingers for enhanced control
• Foam pressure point padding for durability and comfort
• PU suede wiper for a variety of uses
• Silicone grippers on index finger and thumb for additional grip control

SEALSKINZ Waterproof All Weather MTB Glove

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