100% waterproof protection

A true workhorse of a sock, our Waterproof Warm Weather Mid Length Socks with Hydrostop are designed to keep you dry and comfortable during warm and wet conditions. Providing the right balance of breathability and waterproof protection, they’re an ideal choice for warm dewy mornings, spring hikes, summer runs, and muggy bike rides.

Wet feet can lead to all sorts of issues outdoors including blisters, numbness and worse. Sealskinz Waterproof Warm Weather Mid Length Socks with Hydrostop will keep you dry, protected, and comfortable during any warm, wet weather outdoor activity.


You can be sure that you’ll benefit from superior comfort as well as a close fit due to more 4-way stretch than any waterproof sock on the market. Our unique hydrophilic waterproof membrane and a three layer construction makes the Waterproof Warm Weather Mid Length Socks with Hydrostop incredibly breathable since the membrane moves moisture away from the skin at the molecular level using osmosis. This means when using our waterproof socks, you’ll stay comfortable and dry no matter what wet weather conditions you come across.

The addition of our innovative Hydrostop technology creates a barrier to water ingress providing a secure fit between the sock and your leg. Silicone free elastic taping around the sock cuff keeps the sock closer to skin reducing the risk of water getting in from the top and running down your leg. The soft taping has elastic properties that makes the waterproof socks with Hydrostop have a natural fit that stays secure during all sorts of activities outdoors.


• Waterproof and extremely breathable
• Suitable for warmer temperatures
• Hand closed flat toe seams for zero friction
• Incredible four-way stretch for great fit and anti-blistering
• Mid length
• Bamboo interior for moisture control, insulation and comfort
• Hydrostop barrier for water ingress prevention
• Machine washable, no special treatments required
• Feels and wears like a comfy sock, a vast improvement over other stiff waterproof socks that wear like a wetsuit
• Hand-crafted and tested in the UK for waterproofness by craftspeople who care about quality

SEALSKINZ Waterproof Warm Weather Mid-Length Sock with Hydrostop

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