is the high-tech spray for metal fittings. No gumming, no freezing, for a longer lock life.

BRUNOX ToP-LoCK® is a: Lubricant, penetrating oil, contacts spray

BRUNOX® ToP-LoCK® maintains, lubricates and protects locks, hinges and fittings up to -54°C. BRUNOX® ToP-LoCK® does not contain any silicones, PTFE or graphite and is therefore ideal for the installation, maintenance or repair of master key systems, lock cylinders, fittings, locks, hinges, windows and doors. If lock cylinders are already blocked, BRUNOX® ToP-LoCK® will help. It has very good creep properties; it will creep under gumming and dissolve it without any residue.

Thanks to the 2-W-Click system, BRUNOX ToP-LoCK® can be applied on the spot, i.e. in keyholes. It is also always helpful to spray the entire key; this is done with the Return-Click and the spray is directed to the key, which can subsequently be cleaned with a cloth. The spray is directed once more at the key before it is inserted into the lock. Immediately, it will move again like on the first day. If master key systems or cylinders are very contaminated, possibly already corroded, the procedure must be repeated until the key can be turned with ease. PROPERTIES

BRUNOX® ToP-LoCK® no impairment of non-ferrous metals, non-metallic materials, paint, rubber and almost all plastics. Excluded are the following plastics: PPO, PBT & PPE

Top-Lock : 100ml